Hot recycler and cold recycler

SY4000 HOT RECYCLING LAMELLA PAVER is a type of large road surface maintenance equipment, which is special for handling the hot-in place recycling and thin layer finishing problem of abrasion layer of high class asphalt road surface. It is mainly used to maintain the crack, rutting, water seepage, friction coefficient decline on the asphalt road surface.

Structural feature
★ Integration design, combine with the function of road surface heating, raking. Spraying the reclaiming agent, hot asphalt mixed material heating, insulation, thin layer paving and ironing. Increasing the work efficiency and professional standard of the equipment.
★ Heated thin layer paving technology. It guarantees not only the quality, but also declines the thickness of the finish layer maximum, and the width of pavement can be adjusted steplessly. The international leading hot wind recycling heating system can guarantee heating the material on the road surface efficiently; it can decrease 40% fuel consumption and avoid the scorched and aging phenomenon.
★ With the reclaiming agent spraying device, it can restore the aging asphalt performance, increase the working quality.
★ With the standardized pavement device and balance beam ultrasonic automatic leveling device can guarantee the forming degree and flatness requirement of surface layer.
★ Intelligent control and remote operation system, increasing the control accuracy and making operation more flexible.

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