Winter maintenance equipment

SY3500 heating & melting ice machine is a new kind of ice removing equipment of AN SHAN SENYUAN ROAD AND BRIDGE CO.,LTD, which makes use of the national 863 projects technology. This is a new type of road maintenance product that is special for the above problem of road surface. The idea of efficient environmental protection and resource saving is deeply integrated in our products.SY3500 heating & melting ice machine can work independently, no need for any assistant equipment. After the heating melting system melts the thin ice on the road surface by the high temperature and high speed recycling hot wind, the waste water recycling system reclaims the waste water into the waste water tank, the waste water tank is just a temporary container. When the waste water fulfills the waste water tank, it will send to the sewage treatment place. After reclaiming the waste water on the road surface, the road surface is still very wet, and then the hot wind drying system start to blow the hot wind to make dry of the road surface. The drying road surface will not be covered by ice again, and no skid for vehicle running on the road.

Structural features
★ High level of mechanization, high deicing and high heating efficiency
★ Digital display, all the function controlled by the electric switch, fast, flexible and reliable.
★ When heating melting ice equipment finishes work, the tractor can be used for transportation.
★ The controllable hot wind recycling system does not damage the road surface.
★ The machine can do duplication work, but it will not damage road surface.
★ SY3500 can work independently
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