Hot recycler and cold recycler

National “863” project products, National major new product, National torch project product.

Senyuan hot recycler is National “863” project products, National major new product, National torch project product.
Senyuan era regeneration unit (hot recycling regeneration unit) is most advanced hot recycler in the world combining green maintenance and high-efficiency technology, which is applied in repairing asphalt pavement surface layers in large area. The unit can repair tracks, chaps, inattentive, Friction coefficient decline, asphalt flushing, crackles, reactive crackles and other pavement damages. The functions of the unit include heating, scarifying, addictive spraying (reclaiming agent, new asphalt, mix agent etc.), adding new asphalt mixture, parching, blending. It can work with paver, pavement roller, dumper, which can rehabilitate old asphalt pavement one time, which also can guarantee the same height with the original pavement. 100% original pavement material can be reused as wearing layer. The feature include resource saving, pollution reducing, fast working, opening traffic lane and so on.
Senyuan hot recycler widely adopts integrating design, hydraulic design, bust-mastering, electric conduction, hot air cycling technology. It has reached the international standard.

Main feature and property
1. Compared with traditional technology: 100% of original road material can be reused, 40% cost can be saved and 50% construction period.
2. United working, 7200~12000m2 road surfaces can be remade.
3. Using high efficient hot air cycling technology, 30% diesel fuel can be saved.
4. Heating, parching, and blending in whole working time guarantee regenerated road surface quality.
5. Full hydraulic drive guarantee steady working, precious control.
6. Intelligent control technology based on bust-mastering improves automatic level.
7. Engine, hydraulic system, electric parts, milling device are the well-known brand in the world.


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