Winter maintenance equipment

AD5254TCX,AD5255TCX comprehensive snow remover is a type of pure mechanical snow removal vehicle, which combines with the function of snow shoveling, high efficiency of snow sweeping, deicing, snow clearance, it can not only clear the no-compacting snow on the road surface quickly, but also can clear the compacted snow and hard ice on the road surface effectively. It is the most advanced comprehensive mechanical snow remover in China. We use the automobile chassis of HOWO EURO Ⅲ , EURO Ⅳ as  AD5254TCX,AD5255TCX comprehensive snow remover platform. There is a vibrating snow shove equipped in the front of automobile, which can produce the parallel impact to the road surface, and break the hard snow and ice layer on the bottom, remove the compacted snow efficiently. Two of vibrating deicing roll are equipped in the middle of the automobile, which work with the strike vibrating power produced by vibration beam to impact crushing latitudinally and longitudinally. It increases the efficiency of breaking the compacted snow layer. Powerful roller brush and snow sweeping brush equipped on the vehicle bear, which can clear the snow and ice left on the road completely. Power and hydraulic system are installed on the car frame, there are two high power diesel engines which supply enough power to support the whole device, all the operation can be finish inside of driving cabin, it is suit for all kinds of snow and ice clearance on the road.

Structural features

★ Vibration shovels the snow on the road surface, and pushes the snow to the roadside at same time.
★ The front deicing roller mills the snow on the road surface longitudinally
★ The back deicing roller breaks the ice latitudinally and rolling, the vibrator can increase the efficiency of deicing
★ The powerful wire roller brush clears the ice left on the road and threw the ice to the roadside.
★ The rear plastic roller brush cleans the road surface and throws the ice to roadside.


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