Truck-mounted hot recycler

This truck-mounted hot recycler is multifunctional and high efficient road maintenance equipment which is widely used for repairing asphalt road pit and cracks and other road surface damage. The equipment is effective for heating road surface and recycling used asphalt. It also can heat asphalt, emulsified asphalt and spraying them, paving and hydraulic power output.

Structural feature

★ Emission standard: EUROIII, EUROIV
★ Hot air circulation heating technology, energy saving and environmental protection.
★ Rotary recycling silo, fast recycling speed with good quality recycled material.
★ Harrowing device is equipped in pavement heater, which guarantees sufficient heating depth, and good repair effect, various asphalt pavement can be heated.
★ Driving and heating simultaneously.
★ Being equipped with modified bitumen heating and spraying system
★ Being equipped with bitumen heating and spraying system, mixing on spot and spraying hot bitumen into the silo any time.
★ Single equipment with multi-function of repairing and recycling, being equipped with hydraulic output interface.
★ Being equipped with hydrostatic drive vibratory roller.

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