Truck-mounted hot recycler

AD5090TYHRQ Pavement maintenance vehicles is multifunctional, energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency road surface maintenance machine, it combines with the function of asphalt mixed material recycling, the new material mixing, the bitumen heating and spraying, emulsified asphalt spraying, road surface heating and compacting, electricity generating, electricity output, hydraulic output and so on. The asphalt mixed material, which is used to maintain the road surface, transported by drum recycling transportation device; it suits for the maintenance of part of road surface problem. The whole recycling process can be finished independently.

Structural features 

★ High heating efficiency, high recycling quality, environmental protection.
★ Hot wind recycling technology, waste heat recycling, increase heating efficiency
★ Emulsified asphalt spraying system, compacted air transport, hand hold spraying gun.
★ Heating wall uses the diesel as fuel. It is very convenient and safe.
★ High efficient heated maintenance technology makes the road surface heat more uniform, the asphalt is not easy to be scorched and oxidation. The heating depth of modified bitumen can reach 6cm or above, less process, high speed, low cost.

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