The highway construction in China grows rapidly since 1990s. At the end of 2009, the total highway mileage is up to 3,860,800km, among which, the expressway is 65,100km. According to the requirements of highway construction in China, the overall highway mileage will exceed 8 million kilometers in the future, and the overall mileage of the expressways will be 100,000 kilometers. China will continue to build highways in large scales, which will promote the rapid growth of highway maintenance industry. 

With the continuing large-scale highway construction for about 20 years, China has basically set up the highway network. And the large-scale construction will inevitably brings heavy maintenance tasks. China has entered the era of all-round highway maintenance from the traditional rush repairs. According to the requirements for the highway maintenance management in the"11th Five Year Plan" period, the medium and heavy repair of expressways in 2009 shall be about 7,800 kilometers, which is far longer than the newly built expressway mileage 4,800 kilometers. It is expected that in 2010, the repair will keep above 10,000 kilometers. With the increasing maintenance requirements, it will promote the development of highway maintenance machinery.

With the increasing amount of automobiles in China, the growth rate of highway transportation is growing at an amazing speed, which accelerates the aging and damage of road surface. Thus there is great demand for new type highway machinery which is of high efficiency, high quality, high benefits and low pollution.

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